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I am Warren Jones, the owner of the name, "Range America Firearms & Training Center" & "Range America" and all associated trademarks.  I have no affiliation with the folks at Exit 11, neither do they have my permission to use my business name or intellectual property.  I apologize for the confusion my former partners have caused!

Our Status

I am currently not operational, my website will continue to be updated with the progress.  The goal is to provide you with the most Qualified, Experienced, and Certified instructors that will help you become a better & safer shooter!  An instructor that discharges a Firearm on the showroom floor (as happened in the past) will be dismissed On The Spot!  As will an Instructor who feels their personal actions have no bearing when they work, with NO Regard for the Minors, and the public they interact with.


As we rebuild our operation, PLEASE Continue to exercise Firearm Safety ~ ALWAYS! And remember that All “Instructors” do not possess the same sets of skills.  A Professional & Certified instructor is not a Guarantee that you will get what you paid for. Follow some of the posts about instructor “mistakes” that I post on Facebook (( https://www.facebook.com/Range-America-On-line-1729412777309162/about/ )) I am not trying to “SCARE” you but some of the errors have cost people their lives!  You can NOT Call a bullet back once discharged!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKhOAqhXMhA

We appreciate your support - phone calls, messages, texts, and emails that we have received from you as we rebuild, and we WILL come back better & stronger than we have been.  Over the last three weeks, we have had over 1800 visitors to our website and countless phone calls and emails inquiring about our lesson, instruction, and plans.

With new investors and partners, we are rebuilding our operations from scratch - ensuring a solid foundation for the coming years.  When I created the  concept and the name (Range America) in 2014, we had high hopes of training and making people better shooters.  I believe it is time I get my DREAM back on track and do what we are great at.

We have initiated the First Stage, which covers the basic instructions for Handguns, Long Guns, Firearm Safety, Wing Shooting,, and Certified Concealed Carry for Kentucky & Illinois.

At the Second Stage, we will be forming the LLC with partners and / or Investors.  Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled experiences while you Learn, Train, Purchase, and Shoot!   We plan on offering 1000 Yard Long Range, 3-Gun Competition as well as other fun forms of shooting, for practice and competitive events to enhance your practice and training experiences while providing more than the opportunity to just punch holes in paper.  

At the Third Stage, we will acquire the land, permits and immediately begin the construction phase for the clubhouse, berms, target systems and other structures necessary to bring this First~Class shooting facility to the Paducah area.  Stay Tuned, as this is a Work In Progress!

I appreciate you for the support during this transition.  If you have questions or the desire to be a part of this operation, please fill out the contact form on www.rangeamerica.com and we can discuss options that are available.

Thank you again for your support and interest!



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